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Fascia Gutters by Eugene Gutter Service

Eugene Gutter Service Installs and repairs fascia style seamless gutters.

Seamless Fascia Style Rain Gutter Installation

fascia style gutter

Fascia Style gutters are a very popular style mostly used on new construction. It is approximately 3 inches deeper than the common 5K style gutter so it covers more or even the entire fascia board, giving the home a completly different look.

Fascia gutters can be installed with or without fascia boards. Since they cover the rafter tails home builders could save money installing without fascia boards.

Consider the fascia gutter for your remodel, as many home owners are putting the fascia style gutter on older homes. Before deciding I recommend driving around your neighborhood or finding new construction to see how awsome the fascia style gutter looks. We can show you some sample gutters to fit against your house to help you decide.

All of our fascia style gutters are fabricated on site and roll formed from .026 guage steel. We also fabricate hand mitered corners for fewer seams and increased structural integrity which virtually eliminates the possibility of leaks. Heavy Duty Hidden Hangers are used with 1.5-inch screws. We use a high quality gutter sealant on end caps, mitered corners, and downspout sleeves, and all seams and downspouts are fastened with rivets or zip screws for longevity and a clean look.

fascia gutterThe Fascia Style Gutter is available with a 3/4 inch or a 1 inch SEAM STRIP in the middle of the front face of the gutter, or is available with a BEAD STRIP on the front face. See both in illustration to the left. The 3/4 seam strip style is more common in our area and is our standard and will be used unless indicated. Our fascia gutters are steel or aluminum and available in several colors indicated below. White and musket brown are the most common, additional colors are ordered per job and typically cost an additional $40.

Fascia Gutter Colors

Gutter and Downspout Color Options
Over 30 Colors Available:
Gutters and Downspouts are available in over 30 colors. Click the image to view, download, or print our color chart. Select a color from the chart, or you can view our gutter color swatch to match to your house when estimating.

Gutter Materials Used

  • Gutters carry a 20 year limited material warranty
  • .026 Thickness heavy guage steel, made to last
  • Stainless Steel Screws - NO SPIKES
  • Many gutter colors available to try and match existing gutters and to compliment your home
  • Reinforced hidden hangers
  • High quality gutter sealant to prevent leaks for many years to come

Gutter Products

  • 5" k-style gutters
  • Fascia gutters
  • Copper Gutters and Downspouts
  • Gutter Protection and Gutter Guards
  • Over 30 colors available

Fascia Gutter Repair or replacement

Eugene Gutter Service offers sectional fascia gutter or downspout repairs.  We can usually connect to your existing gutter and may even have a color match.  We will have exact color swatches for you to decide.  For all repairs we use HEAVY DUTY Screw in Hidden Hangers and high quality gutter sealant.