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Gutter Guards for leaf and debri protection

Put an end to Gutter Cleaning!!!

Are You Looking for Top Rated Gutter Guards or Leaf Protection Gutter Covers?

We offer two styles of Gutter Guards, Premium and Economy, that are perfect for Eugene Oregon and surrounding areas...

premium gutter guardPREMIUM Gutter Guard

This is a TOP of The Line gutter protection product designed in the NorthWest specifically for the types of trees and debris in our area.

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premium gutter guardOur Premium Gutter Guard is a Permanent Solution to Clogged Gutters - SIMPLY THE BEST IN GUTTER PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY

  1. - Recessed on the front to help eliminate spill overs
  2. - Stainless 30 mesh to prevent the smallest debris from clogging gutter
  3. - Flanged on the back for a simple fascia mount
  4. - Available in White or Brown
  5. - Easy to install on new or existing gutters
  6. - Louvered substrate for expedited water removal
  7. - Constructed of one piece aluminum to ensure quality and consistency


Eugene Gutter Guards InstallECONOMY GUTTER GUARD

Our ProGuardII Brand Gutter Guard is an affordable gutter guard made of 100% aluminum. It has a recessed front lip that prevents water overflow, and a perforated aluminum surface that allows even heavy rainfall to flow freely while needles, twigs and leaves dry up and blow away.

$4.0/ft with gutter installation.

gutter leaf protection


Gutter Protection is any cover or additional parts that go on your gutters to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters.

Eugene Gutter Service offers two types of gutter guard systems to match them with budgets and needs. Every home doesn't need a top of the line gutter protection system, and a simple gutter screen may not solve the problem either. With our experience in gutter protection, homes and trees in the area, we can make the right recommendation for your home.

If doing gutter protection only we will make sure your existing gutters are secure and cleaned before installing the gutter guards.

Our gutter guards include labor and no-clog warranties. To find out more, call or submit the estimate form, to invite one of our representatives to your home for a free estimate and demonstration.


Gutters guards are also referred to as gutter leaf guards, gutter covers, gutter protection, gutter screens, gutter filters, and come in several brands and styles. We can show you examples and suggest the best gutter protection for your home or office.

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