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Seamless Gutters by Eugene Gutter Service

Eugene Gutter Service Installs, repairs and maintains 5 inch K-style aluminum or steel Seamless Gutters.

Seamless Rain Gutter Installation

most common rain gutter

All of our gutters are fabricated on site and roll formed from heavy duty aluminum or steel. We also install quality mitered corners for smaller seams and increased structural integrity which greatly reduces the possibility of leaks. Heavy Duty Hidden Hangers are used with zinc plated screws. We use a high quality 50 year gutter sealant on end caps, mitered corners, and downspout sleeves, and all corners are fastened with zip screws for longevity and a clean look.

5 inch k-style gutterThe 5-inch K-Style gutter is the most common gutter found on most residential homes and buildings. Typically a paintable white gutter is installed. Both gutters and downspouts are available in over 30 different colors. Aluminum gutters are the most common K-style gutter but are also available in galvanized steel and copper.

Gutter and Downspout Colors

Gutter and Downspout Color Options
Over 30 Colors Available:
Gutters and Downspouts are available in over 30 colors. Click the image to view, download, or print our color chart. Select a color from the chart, or request a gutter color swatch to match to your house. All of these colors are available same day or next day, so ordering a color will not delay your gutter installation. We also have additional colors from other suppliers but will require a delay in ordering. Just ask for our other color decks.

Gutter Materials Used

  • Gutters carry a 20 year limited material warranty
  • .032 or .027 Thickness heavy guage aluminum or steel, made to last
  • Stainless Steel Screws - NO SPIKES
  • Many gutter colors available to try and match existing gutters and to compliment your home
  • Reinforced hidden hangers
  • High quality gutter sealant to prevent leaks for many years to come

Gutter Products

Gutter Repair

Eugene Gutter Service offers sectional gutter or downspout repairs.  We can usually connect to your existing gutter and may even have a color match.  We will have exact color swatches for you to decide.  For all repairs we use HEAVY DUTY Screw in Hidden Hangers and high quality gutter sealant.

Gutter Removal/Disposal

Removal and disposal of your existing gutters is included with a full house gutter installation. We collect and recycle all materials. The first 150 feet of gutter and downspouts are removed at no cost for single story homes... 50 cents a foot for additional and two story is typically one dollar per foot.

Fascia Board Repair and/or Replacement

If needed fascia boards can be replaced or repaired to assure your home is protected. Our trucks carry a variety of fascia boards for quick repairs.

Gutter Cleaning

Don't hurt yourself cleaning Gutters! Let Eugene Gutter Service do the work for you! Our professionals will clean your gutters in no time! While were there we can inspect your existing gutters and may suggest gutter guards to eliminate future cleanings. We have one time or annual contracts available. Give us a call for more information.

Cleaning Gutters is a dirty job, but it can be dangerous as well. Thousands of ladder related injuries while cleaning out gutters are reported annually. Our experienced crews have the knowledge and safety expertise to do the job right.